Troy Edelen               David “BB” Benningfield           Kenny Clark                   Jacob Covin


RockCastle, the band is dedicated to ensuring you are entertained to the fullest with ROCK in order to dance and just have an awesome time during each of their shows. The band does focus on TONALITY, which is the organization of all the tones and harmonies of the music to maximize your listening pleasure. With this focus, the band searches for the right songs for the crowd to keep them on the floor throughout the night. The reason is the band consists of four experienced members that had been playing in various bands throughout the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana in which has learned what people want to hear. The Campbellsville, Kentucky based group combined together in April 2011 with the same musical intentions, to play, have fun, and ensure the crowd loves it.

During the first meeting of the members, they combined song choices and prepared an unforgettable performance. The four members realized that they had a great thing going, song choices started pouring out and before you know it, shows were booking. After the members chose the sets for the night, the band started working hard on an unforgettable show that will be in a town near you!

To aid in an unforgettable show, each band member comes from a different background of music not only from the age differences within the group but each member has a variety of influences. Each member grew up in a different decade, which of course had many changes in music over the years. So with the combination of each band members influences and four decades of musical backgrounds, you can bet you will have a great time at a RockCastle show with a variety of music. So is it a ROCK show or a VARIETY show; You choose.

Note: For 8 months, Cameron Humphress was a rhythm guitar player of the band, in which left in March 2012 due to personal reasons.